Dvizh Hostel Eli Spali

Awarding Parthner

Location and prices in our hostel should certainly please you. The hostel “Eli-Spali” (“Eat & Sleep”) is comfortably located in the heart of Tbilisi, close to the Rustaveli avenue, it just steps from the same-name metro stop.

We will gladly provide you with a city map, traffic maps for using municipal transport and cable railway, we will assist you in organization and planning your stay, we will plan an itinerary or arrange an individual sight-seeing tour of Georgia and Tbilisi, we will recommend you the best wine shops and cellars, nightclubs, bars, recreation facilities ✔ The hostel may provide you with a delicious breakfast according to your preferences, we can arrange a transfer from airport or railway station with in-person meeting. You can also buy various wines, cheese and souvenirs right at our hostel! ✔ The more people in a group, the bigger discount you get!!! If you are planning to book rooms for a group or for a long stay, please contact us! ✔ Early check-in without surcharge is possible if there are any available rooms or you can simply leave your luggage in a storage, take a shower and go on your affairs. Kindest regards and lots of love from the “Eli-Spali” team!