For the second year „Bank of Georgia“ supports Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Award as an Official Sponsor

Growing is the main element for development of any business and for country’s economic improvement. One of the most important segments which contribute significantly to the development of Georgian economy is SME segment. Due to this reason, JCS “Bank of Georgia” within the Welcome to Georgia! Award already for the second year presents a special category – THE FASTEST GROWING COMPANY OF THE YEAR IN THE SME SEGMENT AWARD– to encourage and motivate companies working in the tourism and hospitality industry, SME segment.

The only criteria for participation in this category are that company’s annual turnover should be within 12 million GEL and the companies should be achieving significant success in 2017.

Besides this, for the Welcome to Georgia! Award 2017 “Bank of Georgia” developed a very special category – THE BEST WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR IN THE TOURISM INDUSTRY AWARD -This category was created specially by the Bank of Georgia to encourage and motivate female leaders in this business. This nomination is for those women who have dedicated their career to development of Georgian tourism and hospitality industry.

June 23rd, 2017|
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If the main goal of your activity is to promote Georgian tourism and hospitality industry, we invite you to participate in the annual National Tourism Award contest.

Participation is open for the players from all regions of the country and the chance of winning for each participant is equal:

  • Hotels, hostels, apartments, guest houses

  • Travel agencies, tour operators, tourism associations

  • Festivals and events

  • Restaurants and cafes

  • Wineries, wine sellers, wine bars

  • Travel photographers

  • Education and training centers

  • Airlines and visitor information centers

  • Travel portals, travel magazines and blogs

  • Companies who are focusing towards the hospitality industry or tourism sector, who are specializing tourism services


  • Nominations Open: since June 14th , 2017

  • Nominations Close: September 20th, 2017

WHY ENTER? If you want to:

  • To stand out from the crowd?

  • A raised profile with the media?

  • To reward your team and boost morale?

  • To attract the best staff?

  • To go forward to the Welcome to Georgia! Awards?

  • A reason for celebration?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should be nominee of the Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards.


  • Publishing results of the Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards in the International and Georgian leading media.

  • Publishing the list of the finalists and winners in the Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards Report which is distributed in different places of Georgia and abroad to make promo of the Award winners and participants.

  • Posting list of the nominees, finalists, winners in the project official Facebook page and website;

  • Sharing all the interesting news about your company.

  • Posting finalist and winners logo on the big screen at the Official Ceremony;

  • In case of becoming Finalist or Winner of the Project the participants will be integrated in an additional worldwide marketing campaign of the project. (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, in-flight magazine on different directions in the world).

June 23rd, 2017|
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Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards have new Hotel Partner – City Center

City Center is 4 star hotel located in the center of Tbilisi City. Hotel is part of City Group  – one of the fastest growing hotels network, already represented with two hotels  – City Avenue and City Center.

With wonderful staff and perfect service, filled with world-known Georgian culture, cuisine and hospitality you know you’ve found perfect place. City Center is providing a place to unwind or to catch up on work and team is always ready to make your holidays as comfortable and memorable as possible. Hotel also offers all inclusive conference facilities, café-bar and fitness room.

City Center is great experience for those who need central location and cozy environment at the same time.

June 12th, 2017|
  • Logo White

Dear Friends! With pleasure introducing our new Hotel Partner City Avenue

City Avenue Hotel is a 4 star boutique hotel located in the center of old city Tbilisi. Hotel offers a blend of Eastern and Western hospitality in an atmosphere of elegance interior, beyond comfortable and stylish rooms.
Modern interior design and classic exterior decor offers you very special atmosphere and positive aura. The professional staff is always ready to serve with Georgian hospitality spirit. Hotel also offers all inclusive conference facilities.

City Avenue is part of City Group – one of the fastest growing hotels network, already represented with two hotels – City Avenue and City Center.

As said, one of the greatest features of hotel is location. It’s surrounded by shops, restaurants, theaters and many other entertainment and sightseeing places. Close to many business centers and company’s head offices, you’ll find yourself 5 minutes walk away from almost every destination you choose.


June 8th, 2017|
  • The M.O.S.T. & Azeri Observer logos NEW

It’s a pleasure for us to introduce our another International Media Partner from Azerbaijan – Azeri Observer 

Azeri Observer is a leading English language magazine published in Baku since 2013.

The magazine mainly publishes articles about the diplomatic missions based in Azerbaijan, interviews, as well as analytical stories covering significant political, economic and historical developments ongoing in the country and across the region.

Azeri Observer publishes three exclusive interviews with ambassadors in each issue, which further increases the interest of diplomats to the edition.

Azeri Observer is the most distributed English language magazine in the country, and it includes 64 embassies, ministries and government institutions, about 40 top hotels, business centers like Landmark and Port Baku, executives of foreign companies, among others.

Reflecting the rapprochement in ties between Italy and Azerbaijan, and to facilitate the dialogue between the two countries, Azeri Observer magazine set up a new project with its Italian partners, and opened an office in Ravenna, Italy. Beginning from the December 2014 issue, the Italian edition of the Azeri Observer presents in each edition 20 pages with stories on Italian-Azerbaijani relations, cuisines and traditions, tourism opportunities, etc.

June 7th, 2017|
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With an honor introducing our new International Media Partner from Azerbaijan – The M.O.S.T Magazine

The M.O.S.T. – The magazine about luxury in all its aspects
The M.O.S.T. is a superlative adjective used to compare objects, notions or phenomena. The magazine’s title was not chosen by chance. Its pages reveal THE MOST fashionable, luxurious, exclusive, and elite trends, people, events and brands.
In addition, The M.O.S.T. is an acronym that means “Madness. Opinion. Style. Truth”. This is how content is presented here – stylishly, truthfully, with own unique point of view, and with a modicum of madness, which is peculiar to all creative people.
The M.O.S.T. magazine is not your ordinary print media. It is an encyclopedia of luxury, filled with THE MOST exclusive information destined to entertain, inform and enlighten our sophisticated readers.
The M.O.S.T. magazine is the new and only way to share in the world’s luxury. Be transported to the epicenter of style through words, paper, and ink.

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