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We present you a series of “Meet the Winner”

We are presenting to you our interview with Mr. Apostolos Papastolios, the General Manager of the winner hotel of Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards 2017 – “Sheraton Batumi”. Mr. Papatolios will tell us about the experience of participating in our project and will share future plans of the company.

  1. Tell us about your company and the values it pursue? From where the idea of creating your company/project did come?

   Marriot International, part of which “Sheraton Batumi” became in 2016, was established in 1937 in the United States by John Willard Marriot and his wife, Alice Sheets Marriot, when they opened 9-seated beer stand in Washington, D.C. Soon thereafter the successful history of the Marriot family has begun. For today, the company owns 30 brands, manages more than 5700 hotels in almost 120 countries with 600 000 employers. From the beginning till this day, the core values of the company are unchanged. First and foremost, we value an individual, act in good faith, seek for perfection, serve the world and welcome changes. These values are the reasons of our success and of rightly-managed business.

   As for our hotel, it represents one of the brands of Marriot International – Sheraton. Hotel “Sheraton Batumi” opened its doors for guests in 2010 for the first time. From the day it opened, “Sheraton Batumi” is a symbol of hospitality of Adjara region. It is fair to say that our hotel and the brand of Sheraton was the first to offer the high-class service to the region and in doing so it got the role of some sort of pioneer. Over these years, our company constantly cares for the comfort of our guests, as well as of our staff, we try to keep up with modern tendencies and technological advancements. Our aim is to ensure our guests with personalized service, memorable accommodation, comfortable and safe environment and high quality product. Our slogan is “Gadaacharbe”, meaning ‘to provide with better service than it is expected.’

  1. What is the feeling of being qualified as the best in this nomination? Recall the moment when the name of your company has been declared from the stage.

   It has already been 8 years since we hold the leading position in the local market of hospitality industry, which is apparent from the high index of our guest’s satisfaction and from the dominance in several popular internet travel portals. Hence, I consider our success within your project was deserved. Of course, it is honor for us to receive the prestigious prize of this kind and it is pleasant to have the feeling of being acknowledged for our work and aspiration to create best environment possible.

  1. Tell us about your future plans?

2016-2018 have been years of positive changes for our hotel. We rebranded our restaurants, enriched the menu and completely changed the concept and interior design of our restaurants to more effectively satisfy the taste of modern day customer. We also renewed the lobby, the conference hall and the exterior, participated in lots of touristic exhibitions and forums than we used to do it earlier and actively started advertising of our company’s work, which made its results, namely, resulted in successful business activities and in increase in amounts of guests. As for the future work, we plan to renew the hotel rooms and implement some new positive changes with which, I am sure, we will charm, and get the love of, our potential guests.

May 18th, 2018|
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Presenting Project’s new Hotel Partner “Gallery Palace”

Nested within an authentic setting in the heart of Tbilisi, Gallery Palace Hotel is only a stone’s throw from city’s main attractions. Refined design of the hotel rooms and restaurant exhibit the artworks of famous contemporary Georgian painters. And it doesn’t stop there. Visitors can purchase the painting of their likings and embrace a unique memento from Georgia.
Hotel Gallery Palace offers guests 70 rooms & suites; Meeting room; Restaurant and Lounge; Terrace; Massage room; Gym; Sauna; Jacuzzi.

May 17th, 2018|
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We present you a series of “Meet the Winner”

We are proud to present you the winner of nomination “The Best Travel Photographer ” – Giorgi Liparteliani . He shared his experience of participation in the Project and talked about the future plans.

1.Tell us about yourself? What is your value? Where the idea of becoming photographer came from?

It’s already 5 years that I am interested in photography. I am a lawyer by profession and my hobby is photography. This work has never been a profession for me and I think this will remain till the end, because in this case I feel more creative, being free, which is more important for me. Due to my current activities (I am making tours, organizing and working as mountain guide), I spend a lot of time in mountains and therefore the main theme of my creativity is landscape and nature, however you will find my other artwork in my work.

2.What is the feeling of being the best in category? Please, remember the moment of the announcement of the winner and receiving award.

For all, and of course for me, it’s a very pleasant and wonderful moment when you are named as best in your category upon in crowded hall. This means that you have brought your creativity to others. At the time of each shot, my subconscious aims to show other people places, views, and so on, how beautiful I look at it. The victory in the competition is a sign of what I do with the right addressing. This gives me immense motivation to take more photos and bring the beauty of our world to other people.

3.Please tell us about your future plans?

In my closest plans, photography is included to make photo exhibition(the topic will not be announced yet). I also have a great desire to publish a photo album about Svaneti, where photos will describe culture and architecture as well as landscape, everyday life and so on.


May 11th, 2018|
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7 Things to do in Tbilisi


  1. Browse Soviet relics

For 70 years Georgia was part os Soviet Union, from 1921 to 1991. This history is evident everywhere, but most of them old reliecs, accessories and lots of stuff to buy you wil find on Dry Bridge near Dedaena Park.

  1. Eat cheese boat

Better known as “Acharuli Khachapuri”, this traditional Georgian comfort food is a gluten-free traveller’s nightmare, but heaven to most. It’s called boat because of its form, its centre bubbling with melted cheese, a runny egg and a generous pat of butter.

  1. Try the local candy “Churchkhela”

You will buy Churchkhela’s from old babushkas on street corners and in big shops. Churchkhela is a sausage-shaped Georgian candy stick with walnuts on the center. They are dipped in thick hot grape juice.

  1. Take the cable car to the mother, Georgia Statue

The Mother Georgia is located on a high hill overlooking the city, you can either walk up, or you can take the cheap cable car from the eastern part of the city. The ride is only 1 lari. You will enjoy a panoramic view while riding over the old town.

  1. Introduce yourself to Khikali

One of the most interesting part of Tbilisi is Khinkali, you definetly should try this meat balls, there are many place where you can taste them, and also outside Tbilisi. Khinkhali is very popular dish in Georgia, it recommednen to eat after hangoverJ

  1. Take a sulphur bath

The famous Sulphur Baths are located in the Abanotubani district in the middle of the old town. The sulphur baths are an amazing place to relax for an hour or two, especially during the colder months of the year.

  1. Check out the local nightlife

Tbilisi is considered by many to be the best clubbing city in Eastern Europe and almost on a level with Berlin in western Europe. The partying and clubbing culture has become a lifestyle and music is a sacred thing in the city.

May 10th, 2018|
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Bank of Georgia offers one more innovative product for tourism industry of Georgia!

Bank of Georgia has introduced a special product – Tourist Card to create more comfort for tourists in the market.

Tourist Card is a multi-purpose Visa type card of Bank of Georgia which enables any tourists arriving in Georgia pay by card in public transport: subway, buses, mini-buses and sidewalks.
Tourist card can be used everywhere with POS terminals of partner banks. Tourists, visiting Georgia can get a lot of benefits and discounts while using Tourist Card. Among them: Magti’s SIM card and 1000MB of Internet connection will be received as a gift. In addition, discounts will be used in merchandise, entertainment, cafe-bars and restaurants, museums and souvenir shops, tourist companies and hotels.
Tourist Card can be taken very easily, at any Express Service Center of Bank of Georgia and available in various merchants without needing an ID card.
For the detailed information on Tourist Card, special offers and discounts please visit the website:

May 7th, 2018|
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We present you a series of “Meet the Winner”

We are proud to present you “ Concept Restaurant” – Restaurant Sirajkhana. Marketing manager Salome Gulordava shared her experience of participation in the Project and talked about the future plans of the restaurant.

1.Tell us about your company? What is your company’s value? Where the idea of opening Sirajkhana did came from?

The restaurant is unique in its history. “Sirajkhana” is located in the basement of Orbeliani Palace, where centuries ago Orbeliani and his family had a famous wine cellar. The idea came from while we were building a Museum Hotel we realized that this historical Basement should become gastronomic destination for foreign tourists, so from the openning day Sirajkhana offers international level of services and products. Reminds to Georgian guests old traditional dishes made with new vision, and  for foreign visitors we do our best to share Georgian gastronomy and hospitality with exquisite dishes and with our wine collections of famous Georgian hospitalities

2.What is the feeling of being the best in category? Please, remember the moment of the announcement of the winner and receiving award.

It’s a feeling of pride, nervousness and delight at the same time when you think that your team was able to get the right position on the market and earned the title of the “Concept Restaurant”, which makes it remarkable for both Georgian and foreign guests. Before joining the stage, you want to thank everyone for it, but the words are not enough to express your joy.

3.Tell us about your future plans?

Sirajkhana is developing and growing day by day, adding new services, dishes and new wine collections. The goal of the Sirajkhana is to make its contribution for marking Georgia on an honorable place on international gastro map, by promoting Sirjkhana and Georgia on all the international platforms and accepting international gastro challenges . Timebytime we plan to extend our network, so far only in Tbilisi.

May 4th, 2018|