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Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards Project and the Partnership Fund on the Road of Tourism Development

Through supporting and co-funding the investment projects, the Partnership Fund fosters the development of tourist infrastructure and growth of economic potential of Georgia. The fund encourages investments in spheres such as power engineering, manufacturing, real estate and agriculture. Investment in real estate is a major step-forward on the road of development of tourism in Georgia, as it results in creation of service infrastructure in different regions of country. The total cost of investment projects completed and being in process of completion with the support of the Fund in four above mentioned directions amounts over the USD 2.5 billion, which is a clear indicator of successful partnership in economics between government and private sector.


June 14th, 2018|
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We present you a series of “Meet the Winner”

We would like to present an interview with HoReca Director of Redix Group, Ms. Ketevan Bokuchava, from the series “Meet the Winner”.  The member of the Redix Group Boutique Hotel Kabadoni is the winner of nomination “The Best Boutique Accommodation Awards” at the Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards

1. Tell us about your company and the values it pursue? From where the idea of creating your company/project did come?

The idea of opening a hotel in Signagi was preconditioned by tremendous tourist importance of Kakheti region. Monastery Complex of Bodbe, Ethnographic Park, ideal location for birdwatching, beautiful architecture and at the same time, the deficit of hotels with high quality service, were determinative factors for establishing our company in Signagi. Our main value is to provide our guest with high quality service and through this way, to ensure the repetitive tourist flows. Tourism is fast growing sphere of business in our country and therefore, the repetitive tourist flows are and should be our top priority.

2. What is the feeling of being qualified as the best in this nomination? Recall the moment when the name of your company has been declared from the stage.

That feeling is difficult to express. Despite the fact that the Hotel Kabadoni has received the main prizes of two international competitions, I still consider that Georgian guests are the most demanding and therefore, local prizes are more valuable for us.  To put it simply, this prize is an appreciation and some sort of “thank you” for the work we do and for the service we provide, and that motivates us a lot. This gratitude is for all of our employees, who do their best to ensure our guests with high quality service and satisfaction from the days they spent with us.

3. Tell us about your future plans?

Our plan is permanent growing process, which means the raise of quality and implementation of new ideas as well as the growth of company through establishing new hotels in different locations of our country.

June 8th, 2018|
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The 3rd Tourism and Hospitality Conference within Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards

On June 4th the 3rd Tourism and Hospitality Conference within Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards was held at the Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi.

The Conference was opened by Co-Founder/Managing Partner of the Project, Maryna Chayka. She welcomed guests and promised very interesting competition year for Nominees of the Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards 2018. The first Vice Prime Minister/Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia Dimitry Kumsishvili, CEO of Partnership Fund Davit Saganelidze, head of Georgian National Tourism Administration George Chogovadze also addressed the guests with the welcome speeches. They spoke about the importance of tourism for the development of our country, in general, as well as for Tbilisi, as one of the major tourist destination in the country, and emphasized the role of each company in contributing to this field.

During panel discussions, the representatives of government and private sector discussed the challenges and opportunities in tourism and hospitality industry, top market suppliers and field experts made presentations on international standards and safety for hospitality industry, and on the importance of digital marketing in tourism. Even more, the organizers of the Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards introduced to the guests new Jury Board, new categories and a lot of other interesting news about the Project. The participants of the Conference had an opportunity to arrange B2B meetings with each other to communicate and to establish useful business connections

More than 400 representatives of respective industry, government officials, international and local experts and media were attending the 3rd Tourism and Hospitality Conference.

The Tourism and Hospitality Conference within Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards Project is an annual business event held in Georgia since 2016 and is unique business platform, where different companies and organizations have an opportunity to exchange information, communicate and catch up with the latest trends and challenges in the spheres of tourism and hospitality, and in Georgian business industry in general.

June 5th, 2018|
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We present you a series of “Meet the Winner”

We are proud to present you the interview with Ms. Tamar Makharashvili, founder of the “Accessible Tourism Center PARSA”, the winner of nomination “THE BEST SPEСIALISED TOURISM SERVICES AWARD” and “THE BEST WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR IN THE TOURISM INDUSTRY AWARD”. She shared her experience of participation in the Project and talked about the future plans of the company.

1. Tell us about your company and the values it pursue? From where the idea of creating your company/project did come?

Accessible Tourism Center Parsa – ATCP was established by colleague-professionals in 2010 in Georgia with the purpose of popularization of principles and philosophy of accessible tourism and universal design, which was conditioned by relevance of the issue and special needs of persons with disabilities.

ATCP is an associated member of European Network of Accessible Tourism (ENAT). In 2014, it received the status of the representative organization of ENAT in Georgia. The mission of ENAT is to make European tourist destinations, products and services available for all, to popularize accessible tourism, the principles of universal design throughout the world and to protect rights of persons with disabilities.

ATCP works in the following directions:

  • The popularization and implementation of the principles of universal design and the concepts of accessible tourism in Georgia

  • The implementation of methodology of accessibility audit and creation of development guide of international and local standards of accessibility

  • Ensuring the professional consultation service: accessibility audit – standards of universal design, preparation of architectural projects, project drawings, planning of budget and resources

  • Organizing professional training programs on the following issues – standards of universal design and accessible tourism; raise of awareness on the issues of disabilities; etiquette of relationship and integration of persons with disabilities, supportive (adaptive) technologies and standards of web-page accessibility, marketing strategies of accessible tourism

  • Advocating accessible environment and rights of persons with disabilities

  • Conducting programs and services directed at disabled women and children

  • Conducting educational programs and trainings for persons with disabilities on issues of accessible tourism

  • Popularization and development of balneology and rehabilitation programs for persons with disabilities

2. What is the feeling of being qualified as the best in this nomination? Recall the moment when the name of your company has been declared from the stage.

 It was a great honor and success for me, as a head of organization, as well as for all the ACTP personnel, to win in two different nominations. These prizes gave us additional motivation to carry out even more innovative projects that will be soon implemented in Georgia.

3. Tell us about your future plans?

Accessible Tourism Center Parsa is planning to open a learning center of accessible tourism and universal design, where among other things online learning will be available for young people in region.

At the same time, we are working on projects, which will ensure persons with disabilities to receive tourist services on skiing resorts.



May 28th, 2018|
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Exclusive offer from Julius Meinl for Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards Project’s partners and participants!

Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards Project partner Julius Meinl is the first large scale coffee maker, with 155 experience in coffee and tea selling from leading plantations. Company constantly focused on initiatives and retain premium quality of products.

Buy a coffee capsule machine and get 40 capsuls and branded cups as gifts!

Inspresso capsule – is Julius Meinl concept, which is ideal for home and office use.
One hand touch and the Inspresso capsule gives you an unforgettable, delicate flavor and a true aroma of Venous coffee.
Each capsule consists of optimally milled coffee. Which corresponds to Horeca’s highest standard.
This is more than coffee. Enjoy the Venous coffee culture and remember that high standard and quality are a guarantee of unique taste.

For more details please visit Julius Meinl’s show room: Pekini str 34, Phone: 2 18 29 35

May 24th, 2018|
  • Seminar

Mission Critical: Service Transformation
The time has come for effective improvements!

Are you looking forward to establish long-term customer satisfaction? Are you ready to improve quality of your service? Improve efficiency of your employees? Face and implement international standards and trends of the hospitality world?

Aneta Korobkina, Master of Hospitality Management of one of the world’s top hospitality university – Cesar Ritz University in Switzerland, Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker at John Maxwell Team, Certified hospitality trainer of American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute, Founder of Hospitality Training Institute and a person with a huge experience working in hospitality industry around the globe with various international brands is ready to guide you through YOUR SERVICE TRANSFORMATION!

Dynamic and highly interactive seminar encourages attendee participation through a combination of :

• trainer’s life examples
• group discussions
• case studies
• tests
• brainstorming sessions

Seminar provides best practices to model world-class service excellence and provides attendees practical and theoretical knowledge about:
• Guests in the 21st century
• Service: From strategy to results. What do you need to do today to survive tomorrow?
• The effect of leadership on employee engagement
• The effect of employee engagement on service

For attendance make a registration:

Attendance at seminar is chargeable.

May 22nd, 2018|